About Me

Hello, I'm Wanlapha (known as Wan), I was born and brought up in Thailand, a place well known for treating leather. I have been interested in leather care, since I was young, but it was not until I settled in Ireland and could not find somewhere to repair my handbags and make them as new again that I decided to specialise in leather treatment and offer it as a service to bag lovers.

I completed a leather care course in England and a professional handbag restoration course in Asia.  These gave me an appreciation of leather as a raw material, how it is treated and then used to create fashion handbags.  I learned how leather as skin needs to be regularly nurtured to keep supple and when leather goods fall into disrepair to have to hand the skills needed to restore them to there former glory.


Why Handbag Hospital?


I established a handbag facility in Cork with the Irish market in mind. Drawing on the parable of Lazarus, I wanted bag owners to be aware that their handbags may be old, shabby, chemical stained and perhaps thrown in the back of the closet, but this same bag could with loving attention be rejuvenated and made as new again.

We at the Handbag Hospital are trained to recondition leather & fabric. Designer bag repair is our speciality and we are highly skilled in its restoration. "Put the lustre back into your bag at The Handbag Hospital"

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